Do you hear the sound of scissors snipping and tape taping across America?

I have a feeling that many people who develop grant proposals for a living are printing and posting this on their office doors today!

This clever montage has been making its way around grants development-related LinkedIn groups, with lots of enthusiastic responses. It was posted on, but with no credit, so I'm not sure who the creator is. (If it's you, Mr., big props to you!)

I think it's hilarious, but I don't really agree with the "what my boss thinks I do" segment. All of the folks I've reported to have shown tremendous respect for grant writing as a profession -- they know how much work goes into the craft because they've done this work themselves.

A good boss (i.e., director of development or executive director) allocates the resources needed for grants development within their organization, and makes grant writers feel valued.

On the other hand, I definitely agree with the "what my mom thinks I do" segment (thanks, Mom -- I know you're reading this!).

And we should perhaps listen to our mothers on this one. The closer we get to feeling the impact of our grant development work on the communities we serve, the more motivated we are to continue doing it well. Word counts and all.